As a CNC based manufacturer, our business centers on OEM, ODM, and contract machining, but our services go well beyond that. With a strong background in service, logistics, and development, GW can provide a full range of services that can take a project from a napkin sketch to a finished product that is being shipped worldwide. We can even support ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing, warehousing, and logistic services. Most services can be provided in house, but we can also provide agency style services and coordinate with outside companies to consolidate and simplify the manufacturing process.


Concept/Product Development – We have a full team to help refine your project for manufacturing including designers, product managers, engineers, and sales staff. We will work with you to bring your idea to a ‘ready to manufacture’ product whether it’s a simple concept or a detailed 3D model.

Engineering – Our engineering team will assist in developing and refining your design and preparing it for manufacturing .

FEA (finite element analysis) – Virtually test your product with advanced engineering software before investing in samples or prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping – Some projects will benefit from a plastic prototype from our 3D printer.

Project Management – We will establish a team to follow your project through to completion. Our staff will work together to ensure that your project flows efficiently through each stage development and production with a detailed plan and schedule.

Tooling & Raw Material Sourcing – Whether you need billet, forgings, extrusions,  or even injection molded, titanium, or carbon elements, we can source all of your raw materials and develop the proper tooling for manufacturing.

Machining & Manufacturing – With our floor of multi-axis mills, lathes, and specialty machines, we can manufacture your products in an efficient, timely, cost-effective manner.

Finishing – We offer an extensive list of finishes, including, anodizing, teflon, chemical etch, sand blasting, tumbling, paint/powder coating, as well as ED and oxiding. We are also the Taiwan licensee for Keronite (KSG) finishing.

Marking/Branding – We can engrave or laser etch your products in-house. We also offer pad printing, water decals, stickers, and other branding options to give your product the ideal branding.

Assembly – We have a number of assembly lines that we can modify and adapt for your particular needs including specialty equipment hydraulic presses, power tools,  and fixtures.

Packaging – Our designers can assist in creating packaging and our assembly lines can packaging your production according to your spec.

Qualty Control – We will work with you to establish criteria to check and confirm your product. We have a full assortment of QC equipment and personnel. We can check all aspects of your products according to your exact specifications.

Packing/Warehousing – Once your product is ready, we have a full service warehouse department that can pack, store, and ship according to your needs.

Logistics – We can coordinate and facilitate shipping, delivery, paperwork to get your products, samples, and resources anywhere in the world. We can provide ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing, fulfillment, and other services as well.